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Mastry’s Bait & Tackle

He is respected for his skills and knowledge of fishing in the coastal waters of West Florida. Throughout his fishing career, Larry has received many awards and won numerous tournaments fishing for tarpon and kingfish. In 2001, he was able to mirror his father’s accomplishment by winning the 66th Annual Suncoast Tarpon Roundup with a 194lb behemoth

Dale Mastry is an avid outdoorsman who shared many fishing experiences with his father and brother. Dale shares the entrepreneurial spirit that his father displayed. In the 70’s, Dale operated a small fleet of shrimping vessels. His commercial fishing experiences have enabled him to develop a keen sense for selecting top-quality, local seafood. Today, Dale leverages his connections with trusted local fishermen to secure daily deliveries of fresh seafood.

For nearly 40 years, the Mastry brothers have combined their talents and skills to create one of the area’s finest family-owned tackle shop and seafood market. Today, Larry, Dale, and the staff at Mastry’s are ready to assist you with your fishing and seafood selections. Our store is located at 1700 4th Street South, just south of downtown St. Petersburg.

Mastry’s Bait & Tackle was founded in 1975 by Mike Mastry and his two sons, Dale and Larry.

“Mighty” Mike Mastry was a local entrepreneur that was known for his tenacity and dedicated spirit. Born in St. Petersburg in 1917, Mike grew up spending a great deal of time on the local waters. Early on, he displayed a knack for fishing at a time when modern fishing techniques and equipment were in their infancy. He continued to hone his skills and soon became a recognizable figure in the local area. In 1960, Mike won the Suncoast Tarpon Roundup. Mike was able to inspire his sons with his favorite past-time. Both Dale and Larry have spent countless days fishing while growing up in St. Petersburg. After running a package store and finding success in several real estate ventures, Mike decided to lend his time and skills to found a business in an industry that he and his sons enjoyed.

Larry Mastry caught on to fishing at an early age. Fishing soon became an obsession for Larry. Before he could drive, Larry owned a boat that he used to find the best local fishing spots. Larry’s experiences helped him develop and refine techniques that local fishermen still use today.

Mastry's Tackle - Fresh Locally-Caught Grouper Mastry's Tackle - (seasonal) stone crab Mastry's Tackle - Freash Seafood Market, Bait and Tackle Shop, St. Pete, FL Mastry's Tackle - Larry showed off his skills Mastry's Tackle - Saltwater Live Shimp, St. Petersburg, FL

Fishing Techniques by Larry Mastry

Larry’s knowledge of local waters is legendary. He has been sought-after by many anglers looking to catch tarpon, kingfish and other saltwater species in the Tampa Bay area. Over the years, Larry has found himself sharing his knowledge. He has appeared in local seminars, magazines, newspapers, television and has even found his way on the internet (just Google him). You can check out his videos for some of his useful fishing techniques and tips.


Fishing Reports

Larry, Dale and the staff at Mastry’s are all avid fishermen. In addition to their own experiences, they receive reports from fishermen around the bay and coastal areas. If you want to know what’s biting, stop in and the crew at Mastry’s can help tell you where to go and make sure that you have all the gear that you’ll need to bring with you.

More Fishing Videos

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About Mastry’s Bait & Tackle

Mastry’s Tackle has served St. Petersburg community and Tampa Bay area since 1975 with fresh local seafood and the finest quality bait & tackle